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Board Members

President – Merwyn Miranda
Vice President – Vanessa Houser
Secretary/Arc – Matt Szilard 
Treasurer – Joanie Ketcham
Director – Ben Oliphant 
Arc Committee – Will Johnson

The EASY Way to Request a Property Improvement!

If you are making a change to the exterior of your home, or a change anywhere on your lot, you need to obtain approval from the Architectural Control Committee (aka the ACC/AC/MDC/ARC) for your association before the project is started. Based on the governing documents of your association, there may be some exceptions to this; however, the general rule is that approval is needed for all requests. Getting approval from the association is always the safest course of action to prevent potential issues.

Improvement Form

Use our easy online form to complete the Property Improvement Request. We will receive the form and manually process your request.

Improvement FAQ’s

How long does it take for a request to be approved or denied?

Your association’s documents determine the amount of time the ACC Committee has to review the improvement request. Typically, the ACC Committee has 30 days to review an improvement request after all of the requested documents have been submitted to them for review, but the time allowed may be longer or shorter than that. Spectrum will notify you of the approval or denial when the response has been received from the committee.

Has my request been approved or denied?

Once the ACC Committee has approved/denied your improvement request, Your HOA will notify you via email and a letter will be mailed to the mailing address on your account. If denied, we will include the stipulations or reason for denial.

What if I don’t submit an Improvement Request?

You should not begin work on an improvement without written approval from the ACC. If any changes are made without approval, you may be required to remove the project from the property. Any unapproved changes could also result in violations and fines on your account depending on your association’s policy. If you’ve already completed a project without an approval, please submit an improvement request above.

Who reviews my Property Improvement Request?

Most communities have an Architectural Control Committee, aka ACC or ARC.

This committee is a group of volunteers, usually appointed by the board of directors, who typically reside within the community, and whose purpose is to preserve and enhance the community’s appearance, character, overall aesthetic, and property value. They do this by reviewing ACC requests to ensure these requests are in compliance with the Declaration of Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions (DCCRs).

Your HOA acts as the liaison between homeowners and the ACC Committee. We obtain all the required information from the homeowner (listed above) and submit the request to the ACC Committee for review. Property Improvement Requests are submitted through the Your HOA website and reviewed by the ACC Coordinator to make sure the request has all the required information before it is sent to the ACC Committee for approval or denial.

If there are any questions regarding your request, our ACC Coordinator will contact you within two business days.

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